Adigida Solutions ("a-di-ji-da") supplies real estate agents, brokers, associations and MLS boards with solutions that convert lead opportunities and build client relationships. Our online programs offer cost effective SaaS (software-as-a-service) subscription-based solutions that are always up to date and secure. Implementation of the most current Internet technologies make our programs faster and easier to use so you can "Get in. Get done. Get going."

RealFutureCRM 2.0

Do Your Leads Disappear Into A Black Hole?

Spending money to generate leads without investing in lead conversion is just plain silly.

Actively managing leads allows you to close three times more than just hoping for the best. That can be the difference between profit and loss for the year. You cannot afford to leave any lead opportunity to chance.

ProspectConverter aggregates leads from practically any source, helps you to qualify them, and quickly submits them to your sales associates. But perhaps the most valuable benefit is how it holds agents accountable for following up on the opportunities you give them to close a sale. By integrating ProspectConverter with RealFutureCRM you gain a transparent view into every step of the lead's incubation process, and reporting that analyzes lead and agent profitability.

Turn your lead generation efforts from a cost center into a profit center.


Contact Management For Agents and Teams

Have you found that CRM applications are either too big, too small, or too difficult?

By using the same Web 2.0 technology that makes Google Maps remarkably responsive, RealFutureCRM 2.0 is the "fits-just-right" real estate specific solution to get your database work done faster, so you have more time for clients and family.

While RealFutureCRM's clean and fast design is great for those new to real estate, experienced agents will find much that satisfies their needs. The Team Edition includes tools specific to their needs, such as a private database for each agent with management visibility and access, and lead management. Team Leaders who need automatic lead assignment will want to take a look at ProspectConverter's Team Edition.

Choosing your next contact management program just got real easy.